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ADHD-Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

A trait for the modern age is the lack of ability to concentrate and hold attention. Due to fast pace passage of information we are used to changes and variance, not stability. But often this is a part of a defect…ADHD- Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It's a disease…more like a condition which induces attention deficiency, hyperactivity and an extremely impulsive nature. This disease cannot be treated.

Let's see the components of this disease-

First is Inattention, it happens when an individual leaves off a task in between and does not feel the need to complete it by himself/herself, lacks persistence and gives up very easily, he/she has difficulty sustaining focus and concentration on one particular thing, and is extremely disorganized. Also an added condition here is that these problems are not due to deliberate defiance or lack of comprehension. Hyperactivity which is often associated with kids naturally is also associated with people often. It means having a person move about constantly without any reason, and also it includes situations where it is not right to move, when a person is excessively fidgety, taps unceasingly etc. Now it is of course a common feature found in people of a particular nature but when many of these appear, then we must be careful. Impulsivity means the quality of a person who makes hasty actions that occur suddenly often with emption, without thinking about them. It is also a desire for immediate rewards or inability to delay gratification. An impulsive individual may be intrusive and excessively interrupt others or makes decisions without considering the long-term consequences.

  • Overlooking details and making easily avoidable mistakes at work or at other activities too.
  • Having trouble sustaining attention and concentration in tasks (daily or special) or playing, conversations, lectures, reading…All which require concentration for prolonged period of time.
  • Not listening even when spoken to directly. This could be mistaken for a line we often say for kids!
  • Having problems organizing tasks and activities. Example is the act of maintaining sequence or keeping things in a particular order, also having highly unorganized and messy work and management of time poorly leading to missing deadlines.
  • Being easily distracted by unrelated or superficial thoughts or stimuli which might not have gathered attention on their own.
  • Forgetting daily activities and chores.
  • Losing things easily in not so hard situations and environment.
  • Avoidance of work requiring mentally strenuous activities. Automatically they try to avoid work which requires mental effort- it could be assignments, problems requiring thought in life etc.
  • Not following the most basic of instructions but easily lose track and engage somewhere else
  • Talking Non-stop
  • Interrupting others excessively. There is also no waiting for one's turn but a mad rush to change and begin things.

Often ADHD is ignored attributing it to lesser disorders due to its similarities with what is a normal child. But if untreated ADHD can create permanent problems for adults. Do not delay a recognition of this disease! Do a food allergy test and rule out what is not the true problem!

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