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FMDIndia Brings ImuPro Complete to India - The world leader in Food Allergy Testings

A large number of people across the world suffer from food allergies and intolerance. There is a rise in food intolerance in our country as well. Routine food items we commonly consume are causing discomfort and are proving to be life threatening in some worst case scenarios. To tackle the issue, FMD India is providing comprehensive and independent food allergy testing services in India. We help you to determine if you are actually allergic to a food or the symptoms are being caused by other underlying factors. Our prime focus is to accompany you towards better health.

ImuPro Complete in India : After successfully imparting our reputed services in South-east Asia, we are venturing with ImuPro Complete in India. ImuPro is the world leader in food allergy testing and covers 270 food items. Through the aegis of FMD India, this is the first time that ImuPro is NOW AVAILABLE in New Delhi. Our expert team has partnered with R-Biopharm AG to provide complete range of tests to the Indian patients and healthcare providers. We firmly believe that suspected food allergies should be evaluated, correctly diagnosed and treated by professionals only.

ImuPro and Food Allergy Testing Services : ImuPro is trusted German product and known worldwide with a ISO 13485 quality management certification. It is a part of R-Biopharm Group, a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis. ImuPro IgG food allergy testing has shown successful results in Germany since 2000 and is available in over 40 countries across the world. Last year, in 2015, more than 80,000 tests were performed through their plates and reagents. ImuPro is trusted by many health professionals and patients who are keen to get accurate results find the root cause of many health problems.

Why ImuPro and FMD India?

Be aware of the allergenic food items, meet the allergen labelling requirements and know about cross- contamination by allergens with us. Stay healthier with easy alternatives and recommendations.