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Causes of Autism

Autism is a spectrum of neurological disorders affecting often in the first years of life in a child leading to communication (Both verbal and non-verbal) and social skills impairment. It also causes delayed development in kids. Due to documentation in popular media there is comparatively better awareness of this disease than most others of similar nature. The disease disrupts normal functioning of information processing of brain by changing the connections and structures between nerve cells and synapses.

Autism is incurable and lasts whole life but it can be checked and helped with therapy. The sooner it is diagnosed better it is handled and treated. Many times autism affected kids do not go into an independent and self-reliant adulthood but it is not rare and unheard too. There are also many associated disorders with autism like mood and anxiety disorder, OCD or ADHD.

There is great variation in causes and affects so parents must be careful but also not lose hope and must fight on. It should not be waited to surface but treated as soon as it is apparent to the parents. They need to monitor the child closely and see the presence of developmental delays if any. If diagnosed within 18 months there is a very good chance for revival and a balanced life. Here are the symptoms to look out for in a baby for autism disorder-

• No Eye contact

If the baby does not make eye contact ever or doesn't even look at the mother while being fed then there is a problem and should be addressed.

• No reactions

Babies give reactions to our movements and facial expressions. Autism could be suspected if the baby does not smile back when it is smiled at or doesn't react to any of your reactions. Also when the baby does not react to its name or to a very familiar voice, it is a matter of concern.

• No initiating

Babies regularly make sounds and actions to capture attention. Something could be wrong if they don't create sounds or make attempts to cuddle. Often autistic children do not give response or reaction to cuddling.

• Doesn't follow objects visually

When an object moves in front of a baby it always follows it with its vision. We have all seen with glee children following things with rapt attention. Autistic kids do not follow things visually. Often even after being pointed out things they don't follow the line of sight.

• Absence of gestures/ Imitation

Babies keep making gestures. It could be imitation of our actions. We do waving and they follow. We make faces and they imitate with glee. Autistic children often do not imitate the actions of their parents or even those around. Also normal gestures like waving goodbye or other basic ones used for communicating are absent.

• No asking for help and basic requests

Babies make request in a variety of ways, from crying to pointing at things. Autistic babies often lack the skills to communicate their basic needs. We have to be on the lookout for a lack of communication at this level.

Children need the best care at the most appropriate of times. Do not risk a solution…Take an allergy test, be sure!

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