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Dermatological -Skin Problems

The biggest organ of the human body skin is at the mercy of lot of external things, other than the internal factors of course. The number of chemical substances we are introduced to on a daily basis in our current lifestyle is a big factor in causing skin rashes. Allergies and reactions are the other major factors.

Different types of dermatitis often look different and occur on different parts of the body. There is eczema, a considerably itchy rash which mostly occurs where the skin flexes or bends…for example inner parts of elbows, area behind the knees, and the front of the neck. If scratched rash secrets liquid. Then we have Contact dermatitis which appears when skin comes in contact with a substance which causes an allergic reaction. For example poison ivy or a particular kind of soap. It can have blisters and may burn.

Technically speaking this is a defensive reaction. When we come in contact with something harmful, immune system goes into action and causes this. It attacks good healthy cells as well. This often causes this inflammation of cells. Rashes can be caused by plenty of reasons.

Symptoms which are caused by an external factor may take a comparatively long or short time to appear. If a mild irritant, time will be in excess or it may take repeated usage to cause anything (for example a soap). If a strong one, reaction may be apparent immediately. Often make up materials and Jewellery creates effects much later.

There are two kinds of substances that cause irritation- Irritants and Allegans. The former kind of substance damages the skin. It affects its outer layer and causes redness or itchiness. Examples include soaps, detergents, oils, cement etc. Certain occupations also are more prone to the disease like farming, cosmetician, cleaner, machine operators etc. While the latter, Allegans, cause the skin to have a reaction.

First obvious step is to stop scratching. Scratching, the tempting act will increase the irritation and swelling. Anti histamines are best medicines for rashes but of course only under prescription. Also creams abound for this disease.

  • Red or Itchy Skin is most common. Allergens can cause affected areas of the skin to itch and irritants may cause a burning or stinging sensation
  • Blisters
  • Liquid discharge from skin
  • Having a slightly high temperature
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Oozing
  • Sun sensitivity
  • Swelling (Often in the eyes, face, or groin)
  • A darkened or leathery seeming skin
  • Skin that burns with or without sores

Skin diseases are often themselves symptoms! They could be the pre cursors to something far more nefarious or the reaction to something much more harmful. Take an allergy test and confirm the problem and the solution today!

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