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Delayed Food Allergy


An unfavourable or dangerous immune reaction following the ingestion of a specific food. There is no recognised cause for food allergies. In some cases, a child's allergies may get better as they get older.Examples of reaction symptoms include hives, stomach problems, or expanded airways.Serious responses may be lethal. Minor reactions are lessened with histamine-inhibiting medications.

Effects of Delayed food allergy

• Bloating \sDiarrhoea

• Headaches

• Skin issues

• Weakness

Food hypersensitivity testing- Delayed food allergy

Our bodies require food to supply the energy and nutrition they require in order to maintain a healthy and robust existence. Because every person is different, they all have various needs.Items that are good for one person may be harmful or problematic for another, which is relevant to how we eat.

ImuPro - For delayed food allergy

These delayed allergies may cause low-grade inflammatory issues. In turn, it is believed that inflammatory processes are what cause a number of chronic diseases. IgG food allergy testing, followed by an exclusion and provocation diet, may be a successful strategy for those with chronic illnesses. The comprehensive IgG-mediated food allergy laboratory test "ImuPro" measures food hypersensitivity. The presence of specific IgG antibodies to particular meals is checked in the patient's blood.