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Inflammatory processes that promote obesity may be intensified by an IgG food allergy

An extreme excess of weight and an elevated body fat percentage are two characteristics of the chronic condition known as obesity. The effects are typically psychologically taxing for those who are affected and extremely exhausting on the body. There are metabolic abnormalities that can cause obesity and excess weight.

It is still unclear exactly how the sickness works. Yet, obesity is a result of low-grade inflammatory processes. Such inflammatory processes may be made worse by an IgG food allergy. ImuPro provides you with tailored recommendations based on your test findings and assists you in identifying such delayed food allergies.

A key risk factor for serious diet-related chronic diseases is obesity and excess weight.

A person who is obese or overweight is said to be carrying too much body fat. Each person has a different ratio of calories in to calories out. Your genetic make-up, overeating, a monotonous diet, an excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats, and a lack of physical activity are all factors that could have an impact on your weight.

Obesity increases health risks for:

  • Heart condition

  • Stroke

  • Arthritis

  • Some cancers