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Food Allergy Symptoms - Natural Solutions for Relief

Food allergies can be defined as the common conditions in which immune system reacts to the food-items in similar way as it reacts to the viruses or bacteria and it is called antibodies. Food allergies show immediate reactions and can be life-threatening. If a person eats a fruit which is allergic to him then within few minutes he suffers from breathlessness as an allergic effect. In some cases the food allergies work slowly and take longer time to react. Some of the food allergies are less severe while some other allergies are dangerous to the human life. It is commonly observed that most people are not aware of the food allergies that they have and they face delayed allergic over-reactions.

Three natural solutions offer relief from the food allergies are:

1. Challenge diet to eliminate allergy

The challenge diet is most accurate way of dealing with the allergic food. Start your diet by avoiding the potential allergic food. After two weeks of accurate diet which completely eliminates the potential allergic food, you will feel better. But you can go back and challenge yourself to have few allergic items for next two days. You may suffer with allergic reactions when you take the challenge diet. But it helps you to overcome the allergic reactions slowly.

2. Have your diet in rotation

Start rotation diet which is most effective way of reducing or eliminating the food allergies. It is observed that most people suffer from the food allergies because they eat the same food all the time. The best way to reduce the allergic effect is to stop having same food-items everyday but make a rotation diet where everyday a different item can become part of the meal. Instead of having wheat every day, you can have it once in 4-5 days. It surely helps in reducing the symptoms of the allergic food.

3. Use the nutritional supplements

There are three highly effective and most natural nutritional supplements which can prevent the food allergies and offer relief.

• Effective natural nutrients

It is combination of two important nutrients - beta-carotene and chlorophyll which prevent the food allergies. The two nutrients strengthen the intestinal wall and avoid the proteins and food particles from getting into the blood-stream. It eliminates the food allergies.

• Working with intestinal bacteria

The friendly bacterium Probiotics lives inside the intestine and helps in digesting the food. It gets help from the two other bacteria namely Acidophilus and Bifidus. They work together and provide a wall between the intestines and the blood-stream which helps in digesting the food well and to offer complete relief from the allergic reactions.

• Using food enzymes

The enzymes and the co-enzymes work hard to digest the food that you eat. When your meal consists of organic raw food, then it provides required enzymes to the body. The enzymes not only digest the food but it also reduces the allergic food effect completely. It helps in keeping the body healthy and offers complete relief.

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