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Some signs and symptoms of depression

Depression is an inevitable byproduct of being thinking and feeling rational beings. But Depression is present in public discourse in different ways and frequency in different times and societies. Depression while in developed societies is more a part of public discourse, while in developing countries, where far more problems abound, it is mostly ignored. The culture of seeking psychological help from a professional is lacking in developing societies like ours. The postmodern age again creates more and also acknowledges more psychological problems and disorders. But more or less everyone has gone through it at some point or the other.

While it might be considered pretty straight forward...that sadness will be the precursor to depression, they are different symptoms for depression-both physical and mental. Here are the symptoms of Depression which we need to heed and address in time to avoid disruption in the functioning of our life and more importantly for our mental and subsequently physical well-being.

1. Behavioral
  • Lack of Appetite or overeating- This is a well-known symptom which affects even when examinations are near for students or important events are due soon. We might lose appetite all together or one may even start binge eating.
  • Lack of Interest in daily tasks and activities- When occupied by thoughts, that too of a melancholic nature, the concentration from the need of daily tasks and activities becomes latent. One begins a mechanic nature of functioning without giving due concentration to activities and things.
  • Anger, Irritability, Restlessness- The happiest of us become short fused without any perceivable reason or a slightest of reasons which wouldn't even have commanded attention earlier.
  • Loss of sleep- This is again a well-known and well represented sign and result of depression and stress. Mind needs to switch itself off while sleeping which it can't do when mind is occupied by tension and worry which refuse to settle down.
2. Physical
  • Weight loss- This might not even require the lack of proper food to transpire. The connection between the psychological and cognitive processes and physical and metabolic processes can be garnered from the sudden weight reduction caused due to prolonged mental stress and agony.
  • Fatigue and tiredness- Lack of energy is another factor to weigh in. Mind like body requires energy to function and the continuous stress on mind after a while creates mental exhaustion which in turn creates fatigue and stops us from an active and involved life.
  • Constipation or stomach problems- Not only is a man's way to his heart through his stomach, as the old adage goes, but also the way to cause distress the stomach is through the stress caused to the metaphorical heart. Stomach problems are, again, often associated with students at the proximity of exams. Similarly mental distress causes stomach issues.
3. Psychological
  • Hopelessness and Futility- Depression can cause feelings of emptiness and worthlessness without any perceivable reason in one's psyche. Everything going around will seem bleak and will begin to have more nefarious connotations than they actually denote.

Do not let the wrong symptom make you treat the wrong disease. Try a food allergy test, be sure.

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