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I was diagnosed with autoimmune issues back in 2010. Although it didn't pose immediate danger to my health, it still bothered me. At the same time, I had recurring yeast infection for years and both prescriptive and over-the-counter medicines worked for a week and it always return with a vengeance.

In 2014, my best friend was introduced to Imupro 300 test as her daughter had a bad case of eczema. After taking the test, they learned which food they needed to abstain. Very quickly, the outcome was obvious. The eczema was thus kept in control.

I decided to take the similar test after much consideration. When the results were out, it took me one week to eliminate and abstain the food that I am allergic of. After two weeks, my yeast infection disappeared. I was overjoyed. Slowly, I realised my body is making adjustments to the new diet. My skin is clearer and I have more energy than before. I no longer feel that dreaded bloatedness. What was also obvious was my stamina which is important since I am an avid runner and practice yoga and pilates regularly. Previously, my weight could never seemed to be lowered despite my exercise regime. After I embark on the new diet, my weight went down considerably. I am much leaner than before.

I now come to realise that how fragile our human bodies are and how a seemingly simple food group can create ruckus to your body system. What is more frightening is some ailments do not manifest outwardly. Thus, everyone have the right to know which consumed food has a positive or negative effect. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

You only have one body. Take the Imupro test now. Your body will thank you for it.

- Ms Ann Quek

2. Dr. med. Albert Beckers/ Cologne

Experience report from a therapist:

I have been working with Imupro 300 for approx. 3 years. After having tested about 100 patients, I had quite a good overview of the experience with this test. In summary, I would say that the test provides excellent results especially for people suffering from allergies and sportsmen. Especially those who have already "tried it all" are surprised about the results after they have incorporated all changes in their daily nutritional habits. It think that the diagnosis of obesity is less suitable. Why is that? It might not be the test but the inability to implement the test results. There is no other explanation for the fact that the results are rather less promising for this group of patients.

Experience report from a patient:

Male, 18 years old, member of the national ice hockey team, massive acne resistant to treatment, unclear drop in sportive performance -> ImuPro result: strong to very strong reaction to nuts, milk, yeast and aspergillus niger. After the result of the test, the patient's nutrition underwent a consequent change, including an examination and renovation of the residential environment regarding mould fungus. 3 months after the diet change, the patient was hardly to be recognized. The acne was gone, his physical capacity increased rapidly. Today, the patient is a member of the professional league – as the only one of his age group in the recruitment league.

3. Dr. med. Karl-Heinz Dietermann/Jestetten

Experience reports from patients:

I (Isolde Dietermann) was informed about the test ImuPro 300 by a friend who had seen a report on RTL (German TV station) which reminded her of my wife. Mrs. Dietermann knew of her unsuccessful attempts to lose weight; as she had taken part in a cure with 800 calories per day with only little success etc. In addition, my wife suffered from flatulence, a gastroscopy was supposed to clarify her stomach problems and she had already been aware of different allergies. Therefore, she made this test with Ms. Claudia Junker, medical healer in Jestetten. As early as 10 days later, she had lost 4 kilos, and finally 16 in total, but she was not able to consequently hold this weight loss. After more than one and a half years, her weight loss fluctuates between 14 and 16 kilos. But I am very happy that she is able to hold her weight like this. Convinced by the success in my own family, I soon started offering ImuPro 300 to my own patients. I recommend the test both for patients suffering from overweight, skin problems and gastrointestinal complaints. The biggest problem for them is the price, otherwise we would carry it out more frequently. On the other hand, I think, that the price also motivates to comply with the program and to implement the result. I like to recommend the test and receive more and more phone calls of interested patients who were recommended to try it.

Experience reports from patients:

The patient had suffered from a rash on her hands for 18 years. The skin had constantly been dry, red, cracked and it was itchy. Approx. 1 year ago, the patient suffered from a rash in her face (red, swollen eyelids), in addition. Different dermatologists and medical healers had been unable to determine the cause. A cortisone cream helped to cure the rash for a few days at a time. Friends informed the patient about the ImuPro300 test, she did it and 48 positive reactions were found. In the beginning, it was especially hard for her to abstain from milk, yeast, rye and sugar. But her rash improved after only a short time and in the meantime she is able to eat smaller amounts of the foodstuffs against which she had been found to be intolerant.

The patient has agreed that her report be published.

4. Marlen R., 54 years, Jestetten

I have suffered from migraine for 30 years. However, the attacks have become more frequent since one year (2-3 times per week). My family doctor informed my about ImuPro 300.

After having received the test results, I immediately changed my nutritional habits (I had to refrain from all milk and wheat products).

During the first weeks, I had migraine thrice, but was able to endure it without medication. I had suffered from bleeding of the gums which is – almost – gone, my skin is no longer as dry as it was before. I have no flatulence any more.

All in all, I feel better and am no longer so tired. In addition, I have lost four kilos in eight weeks.

I agree with the publication of my report, if my name is abbreviated.

4. Erhard Bernet, 70 years, Schaffhausen

Approx. 5 months ago, I heard about ImuPro 300. As I had been fighting my undesired kilos (yoyo effect) for a long time without success, a colleague who had done the test was able to motivate me to try it out as well. Although I have to do without food which I liked to enjoy, I would repeat the cure at any time. Thanks to the targeted selection of food which I am allowed to consume according to the blood analysis, I have lost 9 kg without any side effects, by eating rich menus and I did not have to starve at all. The cure even allowed small eating sins which, thanks to a diet comprising only allowed food, do not result in a weight gain after a very short time!

I am confident that I will reach my target of losing approx. 20 kilos without having to refrain from a lot. I am sure that I will be able to hold my weight without having to starve again ever.

I agree with the publication of my report.

6. Marion B., 39 years, Dettighofen

I have been suffering from migraine, swollen feet and hands and weight gain for years. I only needed to look at food and had gained another kilo. In addition, I had suffered from stomach ache and diarrhoea during or shortly after meals for a longer period of time. In the beginning only now and then, but more frequently lately. But still, I gained weight instead of losing any. My family doctor also asked me about my weight and told me about a test procedure called ImuPro. After having read the information brochure, I decided to take the test.

The result was quite hard. I must no longer eat cereals containing gluten and must refrain from cow milk products.

After a stool test, even the suspected coeliac disease was confirmed. In May 2004, I started the diet. After a short time, my problems were gone. In the beginning I had trouble changing my eating habits, especially the 5 day rotation was hard to do as was the time until I knew what I am allowed to eat instead of bread and where I can buy those products. I have also contacted the German Coeliac Association and received valuable information material.

For approx. 22 weeks, I have not suffered from migraine, diarrhoea and my feet and hands are no longer swollen. I also feel very fit. In addition, I have lost 14 kilos until today.

I agree that my report be published if my name is abbreviated.

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