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ImuPro 180 - A Comprehensive Food Allergy Testing

ImuPro 180 is known for analyzing over 180 foods and additives. It encompasses the essential 180 food items examined in ImuProBasic and ImuProBasic Plus, providing a deep dive into meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other staples of a balanced diet. But that's not all - ImuPro 180 extends its reach to derivatives, substitutes, and even regional delicacies. Invariantly it covers more than 350 Food items. Elevate your testing experience with insights into upscale items like tea, coffee, and wine, as well as a diverse array of spices, thickeners, and preservatives.

ImuPro offers an extensive range of tests, including 22, 44, 90, 180, and 270 items, each unlocking a wealth of insights into your body's response to various foods.

  • ImuPro 22 spans 100 crucial food items, providing a foundational understanding of potential intolerances.
  • Elevate your knowledge with ImuPro 44, delving into 200 food items.
  • ImuPro 90, is an expansive test covering 250 items that are consumed in daily life.
  • ImuPro 180 analyzes 350 food items.
  • ImuPro 270 takes it to the next level, unraveling information about 500 different foods.

Reactions to food may initiate immunologically or non-immunologically mediated physiological effects in the body. Majority of these severe reactions are thought to be immunological and mediated via IgE, and other immune globulins such as IgG and IgA.

Our specialised laboratories at FMD India perform ELISA (a reliable diagnostic test to measure IgG antibodies) on the blood for the 180 food products. The food products are categorized based on the antibody titre in the blood:

  • Not elevated
  • Elevated
  • Highly elevated

The detailed results provided by ImuPro Complete test, through the aegis of FMD India, enable you to modify your diet keeping your various food allergens in mind. The ImuPro results include a personalized binder having personal nutritional guidelines, individual recommendations with general diet information and a recipe book with great varieties of equally delicious alternatives to allergens.

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