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ADHD and Food Allergy Testing

Allergic reaction to food is a commonality that we've all experienced or observed while on the other hand, ADHD is a serious mental disorder that isn't curable. The striking similarity between the symptoms of ADHD and Food Allergy has made people think, whether, a simple allergic reaction is being diagnosed as ADHD. There's thus an increase demand in opting for tests that can confirm what the symptoms actually say.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized as

  • A mental disorder of the neurological development.
  • An affected person has difficulty paying attention, is hyperactive and has behavioral defects.
What connects ADHD and Food Allergy?

Our diet has a pressing effect on the levels of neurotransmitters and hormones responsible for the normal functioning of the brain. The food choices we make affect our appetite, sleep cycle, instinct, impulse and neural control. Some food items also have a negative impact on our health as they are responsible for hypersensitive reactions and anger issues. These are the very symptoms of ADHD. So, It is possible for a food allergen to cause a hypersensitive response which may be perceived as a case of ADHD .

Common food sources
• Milk and Cheese

Casein, a chemical found in dairy products has been identified as a cause of ADHD in people who are intolerant to its level in their body system. Casein Intolerance is characterized by the inability to breakdown casein proteins resulting in accumulation of a substance in the system, producing "spaciness" and poor attention in those diagnosed with ADHD. Reportedly, there were a few cases, where people suffering from ADHD, when reduced the amount of daily products in diet, regained enhanced cognitive abilities.

• Wheat, Rye and Barley

Celiac disease, caused by gluten, a protein found in foods containing wheat, rye and barley. Suffering from the disease, without proper diagnosis for long (as happens in ADHD and food allergies) parts of intestine responsible for absorption of nutrients is damaged. Hence, the inability to take up nutrients, resulting in symptoms, including,

  • – malnourishment
  • – poor growth
  • – developmental delays
  • – abdominal ailments
  • – bloating

Lack of nourishment leads to halting brain development. Learning ability and attention span is compromised. Kids diagnosed with ADHD, when removed gluten from their diet, improved significantly, thus proving that the cause might just be allergy to gluten.

Testing for Food Allergies and ADHD

Until the allergy is detected immediately, one cannot be sure to call it an allergic reaction that may be causing ADHD symptoms in a child or adult. Allergy tests are not 100% predictable at such points as well, which results in some false positives and negatives. However, it has been observed and pointed out that cravings for allergens (food products that produce an allergic reaction) increases in the affected.

You can also conduct tests at home, but only under guidance of an allergist. The test can be conducted by eliminating one type of food from the diet every few weeks and then checking out for behavioral or neural changes that might occur. This helps in finding out the particular food that has is responsible for the allergy and successive elimination of the food item would result in better health.

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