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ImuPro Vegetarian

ImuPro Vegetarian 90- A Step to Healthy Life

We Test for the most comprehensive list of 90 Vegetarian Foods. It covers the maximum number of Vegetarian Foods Which we eat in our day-to-day life. Invariantly it covers more than 200 Food items. For example ImuPro Tests for Milk Protein. ImuPro Does not test for Curd, Paneer, Cake, or chocolate separately which have milk protein naturally. So if one is found intolerant to Milk they need to avoid all Food items containing Milk Protein. The entire protocol, handholding, and guidance are explained during the counseling session post-test results. Counseling is a very important and integral part of any test report. It's completely free and not limited to any number of sessions and questions. We do not aim to only sell the tests but our objective is to help you overcome your health challenges to a large extent. When you are giving your blood and money it is imperative that you benefit from that.

ImuPro offers an extensive range of tests, including 22, 44, 90, 180, and 270 items, each unlocking a wealth of insights into your body's response to various foods.

  • ImuPro 22 spans 100 crucial food items, providing a foundational understanding of potential intolerances.
  • Elevate your knowledge with ImuPro 44, delving into 200 food items.
  • ImuPro 90, is an expansive test covering 250 items that are consumed in daily life.
  • ImuPro 180 analyzes 350 food items.
  • ImuPro 270 takes it to the next level, unraveling information about 500 different foods.

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