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A medical test we perform in FMD is a test for food allergies. It is used to identify people who are allergic to particular foods. ImuPro offers various different kinds of food allergy tests, including:

Skin Prick Test: This test involves applying a small amount of the suspected food allergen to the subject's skin and making a tiny puncture or scrape to allow the allergen to enter. The next step is to check the skin for any reactions, including swelling or redness.

Blood Test: A sample of the person's blood is obtained and examined for immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies, which the body produces in reaction to an allergen.

Oral Food Challenge: In this test, you eat little amounts of the allegedly allergenic food in a safe environment—like a doctor's office or hospital—while being attentively watched for allergic symptoms.

Elimination Diet: In this approach, suspected food allergens are removed from the diet while symptoms are watched to see if they get better. The foods that are triggering the allergic reaction are then gradually reintroduced, one at a time.

We carry out reliable food allergy tests. ImuPro is a competent medical expert who can choose the appropriate course of action based on each patient's symptoms and test findings.

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