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ImuPro Concept - Elevating Your Health Through Personalized Nutrition

imupro complete analyses total 270 daily food items

Elevate Your Well-Being with Imupro: Nourish, Thrive, Live Radiantly!

ImuPro is an IgG based food intolerance test. Our Test meticulously examines IgG-linked Food Allergies, revealing specific proteins that might trigger an immune response. The Food Intolerance Test focuses on milk, wheat, yeast fruits, vegetables and all the other foods which we eat in our day to day life that can challenge digestion, thus offering insights into potential discomforts. IgG Delayed Food Allergy Test delves even further, unveiling delayed immune reactions to foods. With ImuPro's tests, you can gain a holistic understanding of how your body interacts with different foods, enabling you to make informed dietary choices for improved well-being.

ImuPro Tests

The ImuPro Concept

Sophisticated Blood Analysis: ImuPro is one of the largest IgG Food Allergy Test lab in Germany and employs a sophisticated blood analysis to identify IgG Food Allergies. IgG antibodies are produced by your immune system in response to specific food proteins. This analysis allows us to uncover sensitivities that may have been previously undetected.

Wide Range of Testing: ImuPro tests up to 270 different foods and additives, going beyond the basics to include various categories such as meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy, eggs, and even region-specific foods. This comprehensive testing ensures a thorough evaluation of your sensitivities.

Personalized Post-Test Guidance: Once your test results are available, ImuPro provides you with individualized post-test guidance. This includes identifying your "trigger foods" – those foods to which you are sensitive – and suggesting suitable alternatives to incorporate into your diet. It's like a complete hand holding and a guidance

Inflammation Reduction: By avoiding trigger foods, you can potentially reduce inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation is linked to a variety of health issues, and personalized nutrition based on your ImuPro results aims to alleviate this burden.

Digestive Harmony: ImuPro's approach extends to improving digestion. Eliminating foods that your body reacts to can enhance your digestive system's functionality, reducing discomfort and promoting better nutrient absorption.

Enhanced Energy and Well-being: Many people reported increased energy levels and improved well-being after adhering to their personalized ImuPro-based nutrition plan. Eliminating trigger foods can lead to increased vitality and a better quality of life.

Weight Management: For some, sensitivities to certain foods may contribute to weight management challenges. ImuPro's tailored guidance can support your weight management goals by helping you choose foods that are better suited to your individual needs.

The ImuPro Concept goes beyond the traditional Food Allergy Test. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of your body's responses to a wide range of foods and provides you with personalized guidance to make informed dietary choices. By avoiding trigger foods and embracing suitable alternatives, you may experience reduced inflammation, improved digestion, heightened energy levels, and overall enhanced well-being. The ImuPro Concept empowers you to take control of your health through a deeper understanding of your body's unique sensitivities.


IgG food allergies (type 3) are causing more and more health challenges. Such IgG-mediated allergies often remain undetected because the symptoms only occur a few hours or even days after the consumption of a "trigger food", making them extremely difficult to identify.

Fortunately, a reliable diagnostic test and nutritional concept can help: ImuPro. With ImuPro, you will find out whether or not an IgG food allergy could be the cause of your patients chronic complaints.