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FMD CoGAP MetaCheck
FMD CoGAP MetaCheck
FMD CoGAP MetaCheck

Why does everyone digest food in a different way?

Humans have evolved to adapt to various lifestyles and dietary needs, and their genes have altered their metabolism to do so. The metabolism's effectiveness in processing macronutrient (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) as well as your caloric intake during various sporting activities might be impacted by minor variations in the DNA, known as polymorphisms, that differ between persons.The word nutritional genetics (nutrigenetic) is also used in this sense.Four forms of genetic metabolism have been identified by CoGAP® (Meta-types).

These genetic variances make sure, among other things, that every person processes food differently. Every time you come across friends or family that are leaner or stronger, you may relate to this conclusion from your own experience.

FMD CoGAP MetaCheck

What underlying idea drives CoGAP MetaCheck®?

These genetic variants serve as the starting point for the CoGAP® metabolic study. The objective is not just any generic diet; rather, it should take into account your unique Meta-type as identified by CoGAP® and provide support through expert nutrition and exercise advice.

The CoGAP MetaCheck® is a genetic metabolic analysis that identifies the Meta-type and its effects in persons who are seeking help. By identifying the Meta-types, you may provide cutting-edge dietary and exercise guidance as a MetaCheck consultant. Retrospective investigations have already been carried out in the United States and at the German Sport university of Cologne's Center for Health. Clinical research has not yet confirmed the relationship between genetic predisposition and weight change satisfactorily. CoGAP is sure, though, that a diet that takes into account the genetic traits of the person seeking guidance can produce better outcomes than a diet that disregards these physiological traits.

The different COGApO Meta-Types

The four Meta-types that CoGAP® identifies are Alpha (a), Beta (B), Gamma (v), and Delta (6). Each of these Meta-types processes the food's macronutrients in a unique way, in theory.

Moreover, CoGAP® assigns one of the two activity variants—E for "Endurance" or S for "Speed"—to each Meta-type. Depending on the type of activity, these exercise variations can have varying calorie consumption rates, according to CoGAP®. Procedu consultation and sample collection (cheek swab) the sample being sent to the lab Results delivery and analysis a follow-up meeting

Distribution of CoGAP meta types

In a 2017 study, the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences and the Center of Genetic Analysis and Prognosis examined the distribution of the CoGAP meta-type in the European population [1]. In order to achieve the highest significance for the study, the anonymised data of 16,641 randomly selected MetaCheck results from different European regions were used. The results show that the four different meta types of alpha, beta, gamma and delta are relatively evenly distributed among the population (Fig. I), while there are clear differences in the sports types E and S (Fig. II). Figure III shows the distribution of different meta and sports type combinations.

Analysis results & Billing the CoGAP MetaChecks®

Presentation for people seeking help is straightforward and transparent. Personalized dietary and exercise advice that takes into account personal objectives and traits (gender, age, height, and weight) nutritional chart Use of the CoGAP® nutrition kiosk Population Genetic Study Distribution of CoGAP Meta-Types in Europe No general "one-size-fits-all" weight loss plan exists.I The distribution of the CoGAP Meta-Types in the European population was examined as part of a significant scientific investigation by the Center of Genetic Analysis and Prognosis and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. 13) A potential relationship between the various Meta-Types and Sports-Types and demographic information, such as age, gender, and BMI, has been examined in this study.


Only 12 out of 100 people who follow a low-carb diet and an endurance training regimen will successfully reduce weight over the long run.The study's findings also demonstrated that there is no relationship between the various Meta-Types or Sports-Types and the participant demographics of age, gender, or BMI.

This demonstrates that there is no connection between the specific Meta-Types and Sports-Types and an increased risk of being overweight. Moreover, there is no distinction between gender, size, or age in the Meta-Types and Sports-Types.

The findings of the study demonstrate that generic advice, such as a "low-carb" diet, is not helpful for everyone to lose weight. Individualized weight loss therapy based on the patient's particular characteristics, especially based on their Meta-Types, are actually very needed. As a result, when developing a weight loss programme, special attention must be paid to each person's genetics.

Advantages of the CoGAP MetaCheck® concept

    For you as a Doctor

  • Picture gain (modern, innovative) for each person

  • Persistent dedication

  • A cutting-edge service

  • Simple management of testing

  • A personalised dietary plan has a high adoption rate (45%)(3) without charge

    For those who want Guidance

  • Guidelines for diet and exercise that are customised

  • Variations in diet throughout time

  • Notion of weight loss based on a single genetic test

  • Enough is a simple cheek swab sample.

  • The CoGAP® nutrition site is available

The CoGAP® nutrition portal

The CoGAp® nutrition portal offers diet and nutrition plans, as well as Meta-type-appropriate recipes that have been calorically adjusted, for individuals looking for advise. Other personal variables, such as gender, age, height, weight, and level of physical activity, are also taken into consideration in addition to Meta-types. individualised meal plansindividualised recipe recommendations Calorie requirements, a BMI calculator, and a page with advice on nutrition and exercise.