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ImuPro Basic 90: Unveiling Delayed Food Allergies with a Focus on 90 Essential Food Items

Discovers the secrets of delayed food allergies with ImuPro Basic 90, a reliable test designed to identify potential triggers that may remain hidden for an extended period. Unlike immediate reactions, delayed food allergies show their effects hours or even days after consumption, making them harder to pinpoint. Invariantly it covers more than 250 Food items.

ImuPro Basic 90 delves into the intricacies of IgG food allergies, examining blood reactions to 90 crucial food items. From chicken eggs to various meat types, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and cereals, this comprehensive test identifies potential culprits. Following the analysis, receive a detailed report offering a comprehensive overview of the tested allergens. This test uncovers the information you need to make informed decisions about your dietary choices and well-being.

ImuPro offers an extensive range of tests, including 22, 44, 90, 180, and 270 items, each unlocking a wealth of insights into your body's response to various foods.

  • ImuPro 22 spans 100 crucial food items, providing a foundational understanding of potential intolerances.
  • Elevate your knowledge with ImuPro 44, delving into 200 food items.
  • ImuPro 90, is an expansive test covering 250 items that are consumed in daily life.
  • ImuPro 180 analyzes 350 food items.
  • ImuPro 270 takes it to the next level, unraveling information about 500 different foods.

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